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DLE Poland Sp. z o.o.

DLE Poland Sp. z o.o.

Our business model

The financing options for land without building rights are highly limited for project developers in Poland. DLE’s equity-based land development strategy helps ensure that real estate developers have access to urgently needed land for the development of additional housing. DLE Poland fulfils the market’s need for an intermediary by purchasing large mixed-use plots of land, dividing them into smaller subplots, and developing them until they are ready for construction by project developers. DLE Poland Sp. z o.o. focuses on land development activities in Poland.

Our Diversified Portfolio

DLE Landbanking Fund Poland

Geographic Focus
50% of the Warsaw city area, and a maximum of 50% outside this region in university cities.

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Key Facts

> 70
Years of management team experience in polish real estate
> 250, 000
SQM of industrial land development experience in Poland
> EUR 850 M
In land development transactions in Poland

About the Polish market

The unemployment rate

was 5.5% in February




Poland had > 6Bn

investment turnover


Active &

Attractive market

GPD per capita

increased from $13.2k

in 2012 to $16.7k in 2021.

Rising Wealth

The Polish residential

real estate sector is crisis

resistant. Demand for

hosing continues to rise

due to low interest rates.

Crisis Resistant

Our land development experts

Dr. Marcus Schulz

CEO, DLE Poland SP. Z O.O.

Monika Murawska

CFO, DLE Poland SP. Z O.O.


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